Dark Souls 2: 10 Things That Personally Offended Me

Dark Souls 2 has long been the black sheep of the Soulsborne family, but I’ve never quite felt it was maligned for the right reasons. Sure, many fans criticized the boss quality and the level design, but there were ten different things in Dark Souls 2 that offended me beyond belief. I cannot overstate how deeply wounded, baffled, and serious I am about the following ten disastrous inclusions in Dark Souls 2.

Ranking Every Bloodborne Boss by Parenting Potential

Ever since Bloodborne was released in March of 2015, fans have been dying to find out which of the game’s many bosses would make the best parents. Sure, people have ranked these hideous, malformed beings by the difficulty and the quality of their battles, but we all know what the real metric of their worth is. So nearly four years after Bloodborne debuted, I have finally answered the community’s prayers and ranked every boss in the game by their parenting potential.