Critical Rants is now a YouTube Channel!

Critical Rants, the thought-provoking, emotionally moving, perpetually charming, and shamelessly self-praising blog has moved over to YouTube. What’s more, it has the same exact name as this blog, so it’s easy to find!

I’ll be producing similar content on YouTube to what I produced here on the blog, albeit in video form. My first video, which is available to view now, is about Rocket Raccoon from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and I think it’s pretty great. You can check it out here:

There’s an abundance of exciting content on the way in the near future, so make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss any videos. You can follow me on Twitter (@Critical_Rants) to stay completely updated on all things about the channel.

Critical Rants YouTube channel:

Critical Rants Twitter:

Thank you so much for supporting Critical Rants, as it truly means the world to me. I hope you enjoy watching my videos as much as I enjoy making them.

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